Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to Puerto Escondido

We left PE as planned Tuesday to spend a few days sailing and at anchor at night.  We spent two nights at Punta Colorada, Isla Carmen -- beautiful spot.  During the one day there a crowd of kayakers spent the day on the beach and then just before dusk headed south.  Yesterday we had a very nice sail for most of the day to Islas Coronados and had a pleasant, peaceful night at anchor.  Bright and early, we motored over to the Loreto roadstead to go to town to buy groceries and are now heading south to Puerto Escondido (wouldn't you know it -- the winds are from the south!).  We expect the water heater to be delivered sometime over the weekend and once here, we'll have a few days of installation -- which means the boat will be a mess -- everything from the starboard side will be in the salon.  Such is life when cruising.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The nicest thing about cruising:

We had a nice surprise a few days ago.  We heard a familiar voice (English from England accent) responding to someone hailing "Trick."   We met and hung out with them in La Paz in 06 and 07.  When I called them on the radio I asked, "do you remember Jellybean?"  An immediate reply: "Marlene, is that you?"  So John and Patricia came over, yakked for several hours catching up and then went out to dinner with them.   Yesterday we went to Loreto with them in their car, did a little shopping and went to lunch at their favorite restaurant: Orlando's, a great new find for us.

We ordered the new water heater today, thanks to Martin on The Cat's Meow who arranges for deliveries from the U.S. here in Puerto Escondido.  Sometimes everything works out just perfectly!

~~~ Marlene and Roy ~~_/) ~~

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Definition of "Cruising"

As most of us cruisers know, Cruising is "boat maintenance in exotic places."  Our water heater has a serious leak and needs replacement.  An option would be for us to return to La Paz and get one there, or worst case scenario is to drive up to San Diego and get one ourselves.  We are currently in Puerto Escondido and asked several people about how to get one here.   We came here after spending a week in Puerto Ballandra, Isla Carmen while winds 20 kts with gusts over 30 kts blew for six days.  We hunkered down, read books, cooked and baked, and watched old movies at night.

One big plus about being here in Puerto Escondido is the Portobello Restaurant.  We had a fabulous gourmet dinner last night and will most likely go there tonight.

Am currently baking another loaf of Artisan Bread as I write this.  Every day we try to make or bake something in the oven to heat up the cabin.  It retains the warmth for hours!

~~~ Marlene and Roy ~~_/) ~~

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