Friday, April 4, 2008

Settled in Salinas....temporarily

An unfortunate mishap on Damiana resulted in Roy being "grounded" (meaning off the boat) until Fall 2008. After Roy flew to Sacramento for an emergency surgery he returned to Damiana along with Len and Norma, friends from the 2004 Baja HaHa, and we took Damiana back to the Rio Dulce to spend most of 2008.

Roy had torn his bicep muscle away from the radius in his left arm in an attempt to climb over the rail to get back on board the boat after he had flipped over the side. The sheer weight of his own body undoubtedly caused the injury. We were being towed into an anchorage at the time so we were lucky that it was daytime and that there were lots of people around to help. After many people assisted us in getting Roy back on board, and our boat anchored, Roy knew that something was awry.

So, here we are, in Salinas where Roy is working as a hospitalist. We hope to visit Vermont sometime this summer and of course, spend time with our famiies here in California.

We'll resume our sailing stories when we're back on Damiana in Fall 2008.