Friday, November 28, 2008

Back on Damiana - November 2008

     We flew into Guatemala on November 6, along with Roy's brother, Bill.  We brought with us 350 lbs of luggage, mostly things for Damiana, some clothes, but not one item from Trader Joe's!  Bill stayed with us for 10 days, helping to get Damiana in shape for the season.  A day after he left to return home, Rob and Linda (Cat'n About) arrived to visit and help finish up preparations.  Rob and Linda designed and crafted new shade covers for our salon windows (using material that we brought down), worked on the winches, motors, etc., always with a smile and constant offers to do more.  Last night all four of us joined several other cruisers at one of the marinas for a Thanksgiving feast.  In addition to turkey and all the trimmings everyone brought a dish -- a fabulous array of delicious offerings.  Rob and Linda left today, on their way to Santiago, Lake Atitlan, by way of Antigua -- we haven't talked about where or when our next visit will be -- perhaps Christmas in Antigua, or perhaps next year in Panama!
     We'll check out of Guatemala tomorrow to start our sail north to Belize City.  Roy's mother and brother will will fly into Belize City on December 6 to spend about 10 days aboard Damiana.  Weather today here in the Rio Dulce was perfect; we hope it persists for the duration of their visit.