Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting ready for Damiana

Hi everyone,

I'm revving up our blog since almost six months have passed since we put it in hibernation.  It's been almost a year since we've updated our website, and that remains suspended for now.  Upon our return home this year I saw a few docs for unremitting pain in my neck and left arm.  MRI revealed a mass pressing on  my spinal cord.  Urgent surgery was necessary -- unfortunately I was unable to attend Amber's high school graduation :-(  Several months of recovery and return of normal strength have passed with residual symptoms in my left arm  -- but "I'm getting better all the time."  All this to say that it has been difficult for me to spend much time on the computer, sorting and placing photos, let alone writing all the text to accompany them.

Now on to better news: Sailing!  The short story about last season is to say that we had a wonderful few months in La Cruz, another good month in the Manzanillo area, a brief return to Mazatlan.  Then we finally sailed over to Muertos, then La Paz, the Islands, Loreto, meeting old and new cruising buddies; we had a wonderful, albeit short, time before we parked Damiana at Costa Baja and returned home to California in late May.  We're working on our list, gathering supplies, and plan to drive down to La Paz right after Thanksgiving.  We were pretty good about keeping up the blog last season and hope to do so again this year -- so check it  out from time to time if you're interested in our journey up the east coast of Baja, crossing over to the northern tip of the west coast of the mainland, and then returning to La Paz via the islands.

~~~ Marlene and Roy ~~_/) ~~