Friday, March 20, 2009


We started our journey to Honduras by first sailing to Glovers Reef in Belize. We were in company with three other boats, all planning to eventually sail to Panama. After spending a few days at Glovers, it was time to move on. Weather wasn't in our favor to head directly to Roatan as we had thought, so we went to Puerto Escondido on the mainland for a few nights. That gave us the opportunity to sail to Utila, an island just west of Roatan. We liked Utila very much. Nice village, good provisions, pleasant people -- could have stayed there for a long time. However after a week or so, we sailed to French Harbor in Roatan. What a wild ride -- squalls, lumpy seas -- and when we arrived the anchorage was quite full. We had to set and raise anchor three times before we had good holding. Well, after we settled in, we enjoyed French Harbor very much. The most amusing thing we did was visit the Iguana Farm. Hundreds of prehistoric iguanas are everywhere -- along the path, in the trees -- very exciting.

After several days in French Harbor, we moved to West End, another popular anchorage. It, too has a charm all its own. West End is a divers' mecca. There are numerous dive shops, lots of tiendas (small stores) plus good transportation to Coxen Hole (the main port and largest town). Snorkeling at the reef is excellent.

We've met some new friends along the way, and a special treat was to have Jan and Rich on Slip Away arrive at West End yesterday.  It's always wonderful to meet up with friends from our travels in Mexico.

We're planning to return to French Harbor to pick up some parts that are being shipped in and to get stocked up with provisions for the journey east to the Vivorillos and south to Panama.